Інтерв'ю дня ч. 10 - таборова медсестра - Ms. Kathy Phillips

Дорогі читачі,

        Наша медсестра говорить тільки англійською мовою, тому це інтерв'ю буде в англійській мові. Дякуємо за зрозуміння.

How many years have you been a nurse?

     Since 1969.

Where did you work?

    I worked at the VA hospital. I worked as a nurse practitioner for 33 years, as a visiting nurse for 2 years, as a staff nurse at Midler Hospital.  Almost all of my work was outpatient as a primary care provider. 

Why did you go into nursing?

   I liked to help people and to see positive results.  I knew when I was very young.  I was very lucky that I was able to stay in this job for so long and see good results.  There are many options when you are a nurse.

This is your second year here at our camp.  Do you enjoy it?

    Oh, yes.  If I don't like something, I never stay.  I don't do things that I don't want to do.

Have you picked up any Ukrainian yet?

     A little....the words that sound like Polish words. Unfortunately, I haven't learned any of the songs.

Based on the things you've seen in these 2 years, what are some indispensable medications that parents should pack into their child's OTC bag?

    Pepto Bismol and Children's Motrin or Tylenol. There are many tummy aches and headaches at camp.  Parents should also be sure to list any physical limitations and general medical concerns on the health forms. 

Do you have any general thoughts or comments about our camp?

       It's very refreshing to see the campers, both younger and older, with their zest for life and their politeness.  They are all highly educated.  They are just so positive about life in general, and that obviously comes from their parents.  The world is their oyster and they believe it. It's a good way to grow up.  I look forward to it next year, if you'll have me.  The volunteers and staff are very good to work with.  I'd like to know how I could be of more help.

Ms. Kathy Phillips with some campers - медсестра з юначками      

Ms. Kathy Phillips with some campers - медсестра з юначками